Game Boy Buttons


Our unique, in-house Game Boy replacement buttons are cast using high-precision machinery. These quality buttons closely reproduce the style and feeling of the original hardware, so you can enjoy the same great experiences in a brand new color.

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  • Durable ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material
  • High-quality, responsive buttons that play better than typical budget replacement parts
  • Compatible with DMG and Play It Loud Game Boy handhelds as well as NES and SNES controllers (see warnings)


  • 1 x DMG D-pad
  • 2 x DMG A/B buttons
  • 1 x DMG power switch cover
  • 1 x DMG extension (link) port cover


You will need to order 2 sets if you plan on using these for a Circuit Sword, Circuit Sword Lite, Game Boy Zero, or any other modded Game Boy Projects that require more than 2 ‘A B’ buttons.

Images and “Retro Modding” logo used with permission from Retro Modding.


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