mintyPi 3.5 PCB Kit


THIS IS CURRENTLY IN A PREORDER. Shipping is expected mid to late November, 2020.

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If you have never soldered a Raspberry Pi to a PCB before, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you get a couple of practice boards:
It is much better to destroy a few dollars that to pay for a new kit and pi.

The kit includes the following ONLY! (if it’s not on this list it’s NOT INCLUDED):

  • Controller PCB w/ L&R Board
  • FPC Ribbon (to connect LCD board to the Controller PCB)
  • LCD PCB with the 2.6 inch LCD soldered onto it
  • Power Board with optional Battery Connector and L/R board solder points
  • Power Slide Switch
  • Tactile Menu Button (Requires soldering to the Controller PCB)
  • Speaker

Other items that are needed:

  1. Silicone Buttons: Sudomod Store
  2. 3D Printed Parts: Sudomod Store
  3. Resin L/R Buttons: Sudomod Store
  4. RaspberryPi Zero or Raspberry Pi Zero W: Adafruit
  5. MicroSD Card (16GB will be fine for the games the RPi Zero can handle)
  6. Battery

Materials Needed:

  1. 28 AWG Silicone Coated Wire
  2. Solder  (63/37 Rosin Core Solder recommended)

Tools Needed:

  1. Soldering Iron
  2. Multimeter w/ continuity (Yes, this is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED)
  3. No Clean Flux (NO CLEAN! That is important!)


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